Press Release: Stratis’ Breeze Wallet Redefines Financial Privacy for Blockchains

Press Release: Stratis’ Breeze Wallet Redefines Financial Privacy for Blockchains

GB, March 23, 2017 at 16:11 UTC

Stratis Group has announced today it is launching an ambitious cryptocurrency project, aimed at enhancing financial privacy available to the users of Bitcoin and the Stratis Toneel.

The project dubbed “Breeze Wallet” incorporates the innovations brought by TumbleBit to both Bitcoin and Stratis, into a real-world production environment combined with the privacy enhancements introduced by the Utter Block Secure Payment Validation system.

Stratis plans to integrate TumbleBit into the Breeze Wallet making it the very first Bitcoin wallet that addresses the privacy issues te blockchain transactions, the Breeze Wallet works with the current Bitcoin protocol and does not require any forks.

Stratis Financial Privacy Protocol

The Stratis development team will be extending the Stratis blockchain to support the Stratis Financial Privacy Protocol based on the TumbleBit concept. Our aim is to offerande a truly trustless and decentralized privacy protocol on the Stratis blockchain and its private chains, while working with financial services regulators on developing regulatory compliant blockchain solutions utilizing the Stratis Privacy protocol.

Presently there is a phat request for privacy on the blockchain. One of the main hurdles faced by the adoption of Blockchain technologies ter the financial services industry is the privacy of financial gegevens on the blockchain. When the Stratis Financial Privacy protocol is implemented into the Stratis Verhoging, businesses will have the possibility to use the Stratis Blockchain with a ensure of privacy from their transactions (payments, records and gegevens). That’s a big advantage overheen other Blockchain projects.

The team behind Stratis cautiously evaluated the different concepts and technological options to produce a truly trustless and secure privacy solution that would meet the requirements of enterprise and consumers worldwide. After extensive research, it became overduidelijk that TumbleBit wasgoed the best getraind for our future development goals because it is:

Private: Transactions are truly private and unlinkable.

Untrusted: No one (including Tumbler) can steal payments

Compatible: TumbleBit is fully compatible with today’s Bitcoin protocol.

TumbleBit includes (offblockchain) cryptographic protocols that work with the very limited set of (on-blockchain) instructions provided by today’s Bitcoin scripts

The TumbleBit/Stratis Roadmap

A few weeks ago, Stratis waterput te movability a development project for the integration of TumbleBit capabilities into Stratis. Having established the feasibility of such an endeavour, wij instantaneously took the initial steps to make this a reality ter the shortest term.

To help us accomplish a sleek and speedy process, wij secured the services of Adam Ficsor, one of the contributors to the TumbleBit research paper ( and the official implementation of Tumblebit NTumbleBit. Spil a Technical Advisor for the development of a production ready Tumblebit total block SPV wallet ter C# (Breeze Wallet), Adam will help us achieve our objective, by delivering a fully functional utter block SPV, while also working on the Stratis Wallet framework and the completion of NTumbleBit.

According to Adam:

“Everyone who is not using Bitcoin Core has already had all their addresses linked together by third parties. This is not a theoretical “assume the worst case” strategy, this is reality. The third parties are either the central servers your wallet relies on or te case of SPV wallets all Blockchain surveillance companies.”

Trustless Exchange: Trustless Stratis <,->, Bitcoin exchange

The planned TumbleBit implementation not only will speed up and streamline the development of Stratis full-block SPV TumbleBit wallet, but will also make possible to include ter it a trustless, secure exchange for Bitcoin-Stratis pair.

Exposure of Stratis to millions of Bitcoin Users

The expected inflow of Bitcoin users towards a TumbleBit enabled Bitcoin wallet suggesting enhanced privacy, will undoubtedly translate into making it the de-facto wallet for such transactions around the world. This te turn, will represent an extreme chance to expose Stratis and its toneelpodium to all those users, and this will further cementlaag our symbiotic relationship with the leading cryptocurrency and its community.

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