Blockchain E-Wallet Emerges ter App Store, Developed by Chinese Central Handelsbank?

Blockchain E-Wallet Emerges te App Store, Developed by Chinese Central Canap?

Spil rumors proceed to swirl about a potential Chinese bitcoin exchange geobsedeerd, a Chinese “Blockchain E-Wallet” update has mysteriously appeared ter the Apple App Store.

Very first reported by Chinese cryptocurrency news service cnLedger, the e-wallet features blockchain technology and provides users with the capability to truss their People’s Handelsbank of China (PBoC) debit card. The app’s developer is Beijing Arxanfintech, but cnLedger says it wasgoed “presumably developed / designed by Canap of China.”

It features Blockchain tech, and can tie BoC debit card, with a built-in ",Crimson Envelope",. Register SMS signature: ",中国银行",(Handelsbank of China)

According to a rough translation of the app description, it includes a so-called “red envelope” function to send and receive blockchain-based payments. Unsurprisingly, the application does not feature cryptocurrency support.

Blockchain E-Wallet App

From the description:

Users through the electronic wallet ter the crimson envelope function can be issued to all registered accounts within the system motionless or random amount of crimson envelopes….Users through the electronic wallet ter the crimson envelope function to receive crimson envelopes.

It has bot well-established that the PBoC is involved ter fintech research. Te 2016, the bankgebouw began recruiting blockchain engineers. Earlier this year, the canap established a “Digital Currency Institute” inwards the same building that houses the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation.

Nevertheless, the timing of this Blockchain E-Wallet update is raising questions because there have bot conflicting reports overheen the past week about whether the PBoC is programma to verbod bitcoin exchanges from operating within the country. Last week, regional Chinese news sources reported that the PBoC wasgoed getting ready to tell bitcoin exchanges to cease operations, but the major Chinese exchanges continued to normally and denied that they have bot contacted by government officials, leading many people to believe the report wasgoed false. However, on Sunday the Wall Street Journal made a similar optie, citing unnamed “sources familiar with the matter”, who said the handelsbank would verbod exchanges but permit over-the-counter trading to proceed.

A bitcoin exchange verbod would not be unprecedented. Last week, the handelsbank outlawed participation ter initial coin offerings (ICOs). Moreover, regulators already began to crack down on bitcoin exchanges earlier this year. They placed a makeshift freeze on withdrawals, prohibited zero-fee trading, and began conducting on-site inspections at exchanges. That said, they did not shutter them, and BTC/CNY proceeds to serve spil one of the larger trading pairs on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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