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Begin mining with no registration. Pick your cryptocurrency and point your miner at the address provided for that currency. Use your payment address and anything spil a password. Make yourself some passive income with your pc – depending on the coin. The Effortless way to mine, p2pool provides more coins overheen time than traditional pools and helps prevent 51% attacks.

Mining Litecoins is elementary and rapid. Just point your miner at the address below and you will be earning litecoins quickly. P2Pool helps secure the litecoin network and prevents concentrated mining pools.

Getting Embarked – Download a Miner

P2Pool Benefits: better prizes, decentralized networks, lower costs, instant payments, no registration, plus mining fees go to you.

Please note that P2Pool payouts ramp up overheen time and to see maximum benefit it takes up to 30 days to average out variance.

For Bitcoin, wij mine 1 MB blocks to improve everyone’s confirmation times.

Mining guides for getting embarked, but you will want to use the URLs from this pagina to increase your earnings:

Mining Bitcoins is ordinary and swift. Just point your miner at the address below and you will be earning bitcoin quickly. P2Pool helps secure the bitcoin network and prevents concentrated mining pools. is part of the p2pool networks.. Wij make it effortless to join p2pool for many different coins to encourage non-centralized mining and only presently levy a 0% toverfee – much less than traditional pools, plus pays you the transaction fees.

To get a alt-coin added, just make sure you do a pull for your parameters here:

All services are without warranty, and subject to switch without notice.

Thesis charts display our luck with the blocks wij have created. Sometimes it takes a little work to produce a block (fortunate), sometimes it takes a lotsbestemming of work (unlucky). To measure this wij use the Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF). Wij display the CDF spil a percentage. The lower the CDF value the better, with 50% being the expected average overheen time. The charts have 0% at the top and 100% at the bottom, to make them lighter to read (higher on the chart is better). You can read more about CDF at Wikipedia.

Place the mouse pointer overheen a point te the chart for details about that block.

A mining pool server which offers collective block payouts. This pool gives you the most statistics and believes te keeping everything spil semi-transparent spil possible. This pool also shows you the efficiency of your bitcoin miner, which is very unique feature that no other mining pools have. The pool operates on the fact that more efficient miners reduce the amount of resources used by server, and with fewer resources being wasted, the server can treat a large number of users.

The pool operators also released poclbm-mod which is a modified version of m0mchill’s poclbm miner that is 5x more efficient. What this means is that poclbm-mod searches through the entire work it receives from the pool server before asking for more work, which reduces the amount of wasted resources. Presently, no other miners are spil efficient spil poclbm-mod. Ter general, all other bitcoin mining programs, including poclbm, overlook the concept of efficiency altogether which have caused an unnecessary amount of strain on the various mining pools.

Getwork or Share Efficiency is defined spil:

(The # of getwork requested) / (The number of submitted shares) * 100

The service wasgoed very first available for Beta testing kicking off March 08, 2011 [1] .

Only shares from the current block ter the current round are accepted.


How to run various miners

BitcoinPool Miner (Windows):

poclbm-mod.exe -d 0 -v -w 128 -f 60 -user=USERNAME –pass=PASSWORD

BitcoinPool Miner (*nix OS):

python -d 0 -v -w 128 -f 60 –user=USERNAME –pass=PASSWORD

m0mchil’s GPU miner (*nix OS):

python poclbm -d 0 -v -w 128 -f 60 -user=USERNAME –pass=PASSWORD


Work is measured te proofs of work. Each proof of work is given a score equal to one divided by the difficulty at the time it wasgoed submitted. Proofs of work are grouped ter shifts. A shift is finished when its total score passes 0.1. Whenever fresh coins are minted, they are divided inbetween contributing members proportionally to the total score each member has within the last Ten ended shifts. If you are logged te you can see your score te each shift.

All timestamps are ter Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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