BitClub Network – Bitcoin Cloud Mining Pool Business Chance?

BitClub Network may be a lucrative way to earn bitcoins. Find out how the company works today ter our review.

What Is BitClub Network?

BitClub Network is a “team of experts, entrepreneurs, professionals, network marketers, and programming geeks.” This group has come together to create a network marketing company based on the benefits and rise of bitcoin.

This group has created one of the world’s largest bitcoin mining pools. That pool is called the BitClub network pool.

The picture above is a screenshot from https://blockchain.informatie/pools this webstek offers an official count of the worlds largest bitcoin mining transactions ter the blockchain. Spil wij see at the time of this screenshot ter 2017, Bitclub Network accounts for Four.3% of the hashing power of the entire blockchain network.

From researching Bitclub Network it emerges to be one of the most well supported mining operations, with incentives for members who invest ter their mining system.

Te a nutshell the Network is a rapid growing hosting cloud mining equipment service provider, that affiliates can become a part of.

Bitclub Network’s hosting services are located all overheen the world concentrated ter China, Japan, Dubai, Europe, Indonesia, Canada, South America &, Central America, Singapore, Malasya, Australia to name a few.

More About The Bitclub Mining Pool

The pool wasgoed originally established exclusively to Bitclub Network, Te October 2014. During the time their operation had accumulated millions of dollars worth mining equipment and wasgoed steadily growing. When the hashing power of the operation reached 1% of the bitcoin network, the group determined it wasgoed time to open the chance to fresh miners and proceed growing the equipment hashing power to 5% or even 10%.

The Bitclub network chance offers a chance to onmiddellijk mining power to a free pool that has continuous growth. The Bitclub network team helps members profit, regardless of their skill levels of mining.

Some of the benefits of Bitclub Network include:

  • No mining Fees
  • Get pay to a debit card
  • STRATUM Pool mining software
  • Superb incentive and prizes for miners.

The reason why they can operate without fees is because the company is supported by thousands of members who participate ter the Bitclub Network worldwide chance spil affiliates.

With this business proefje everyone who joins the network can purchase mining hardware and share the profits from all the bitcoin mined. Everyone who becomes a member vereiste dictate a portion of their earnings to invest into extra mining power for a total of 1000 days. Because everyone ter the network is investing te the mining operation, the mining pools can proceed growing from the contribution of all members.

This is a very unique chance backed up with a real mining operation.

Mining Spil A Business Chance

Ter reality, the days of profitable bitcoin mining for individual investors are overheen. Today, bitcoin mining requires enormous computing power. That’s why individuals plakband together into bitcoin pools.

BitClub Network operates two mines. One is located ter Iceland. The company doesn’t explain where the other is located. However, they eis their Iceland facility “is open to the public who meet certain qualifications for visitation”.

Basically, BitClub Network purchases all its mining equipment (the computers and server infrastructure). The organization is responsible for maintaining and upgrading this equipment.

Members can join the mining pool by “buying in” with bitcoin. It’s like an investment. You chip ter bitcoin, and the company repurchases laptop equipment while continually expanding operations.

When you invest into Bitclub Network, you are investing te:

  • Today’s modern and best bitcoin mining hardware
  • Application-specific integrated circuit Bitcoin Mining Hardware.
  • Petahash
  • Cloud mining
  • Hosting Services
  • Spil well spil hardware equipment

Is BitClub Network A Legit Chance?

Bitclub network is backed by thousands of miners around the world. Each of thesis miners voorwaarde dedicate a share of their bitcoin profits to the servers. This permits the network to continuously grow.

Unlike a conventional bitcoin mining pool, users don’t dedicate their rekentuig resources to the pool. Instead they receive a share of the profit for investing into the pool.

This is where the network marketing portion of BitClub Network comes into play: the company has an affiliate referral program. Existing members can make money by referring fresh members.

Members can view BitClub Network’s mining pool stats at their official webstek, including a breakdown of their pool effective hash rate (presently sitting at 171.29 PH/s).

How Much Does It Cost To Join BitClub Network?

Like most network marketing companies, there is an investment involved with joining BitClub. Spil mentioned above, a portion of this toverfee will go towards the mining pool itself, and the other portion will go towards upgrading and maintaining the mining equipment.

You can invest ter BitClub Network for $500, $1,000, or $Two,000. The more you pay today, the more profit you’ll earn. Each purchase lets you receive bitcoin for a total of 1,000 days:

Mining Pool #1 ($500 USD)

Shares earn 50% profit, with the other 50% “being used to fund the mining operation costs and to purchase extra mining shares”, explains the official webstek.

Mining Pool #Two ($1,000 USD)

Just like Pool #1, total bitcoin earnings will be split among all members te the pool and paid out. Each share earns 60% profit, with the other 40% being used to fund mining operations and to purchase extra mining shares.

Mining Pool #Trio ($Two,000 USD)

Total bitcoin earnings are split among all members te the pool. Each share earns 70% profit, with the other 30% used to fund mining operations and purchase extra mining shares.

Ultimately, BitClub Network describes their investment chance spil a way to earn passive bitcoin. Members receive a share of the total bitcoin mined for the day. A portion of that profit goes to you and a portion goes towards the Pool.

Obviously, you can also make money by referring others to BitClub Network.

Joining BitClub Network

Ter order to earn a commission a member vereiste invest te the “mining pools”, resulting ter an ondergrens cost of $500 to $2000 to join BitClub Network affiliate membership.

Bitclub Network can be a superb chance for those looking for a legit way to invest into cloud mining, hosting services, and cryptocurrencies.

Obviously, the bitcoin world is packed with scams at the ogenblik. There’s enormous hype around bitcoin, and that means newcomers are flooding to the cryptocurrency te droves with that said, Biclub Network actually provides a unique, legit chance that can give members an open window to operate te the business of mining profitably.

Click here to visit the official Bitclub network webpagina and sign up spil an affiliate.


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I’m indeed sure that this is the uur to investin Bitcoin. The switches ter the ecurrency market have bot fairly dramatice recently but the clear trend is certainly up. The projections give a sure headsup that now is when to transfer currency into Bitcoin. Signs are just the same spil when Bitcoin wasgoed only liberate switch te value. Dramatically different from the several thousand it is at the ogenblik. Do not dither. Get into Bitcoin spil soon spil you can Do not get too cautious. Bitcoin is rapidly becoming accepted spil a reputable currency. There is some rejection from the confidence is enlargening quick. It is logical now to consider including Bitcoin ter investment portfolios. An significant feature of Bitcoin is how it is wielded by the participants that use the currency. Spil costs can be less than 1 the currency is not loved by banks. Possibly Bitcoin should be accepted spil a example of community monetarism.

This option is exponentially a smarter way to invest te Bitcoin and the top Altstem coins. Buying and holding the coins is less lucrative because they aren’t earning rente. Essentially, with mining, you are. Reproduction will always win overheen holding.

Invest with bitcoin. Doesn’t that smell of scam?

Wij pay a 110% block prize, and charge 0% fees for PPS and PPLNS.

Cloud Mining

Embark mining instantly with our cloud mining contracts! 100% assured uptime.

Mine Bitcoin Legacy (BTC) or Bitcoin Contant (BCH)

Wij offerande BTC and BCH mining. You can also chose to automatically mine the most profitable coin.

How Much Will I Earn?

Cloud Mining

  • Does not include daily toverfee for cloud mining.
  • Calculation is based on current difficulty and Bitcoin price.
  • Difficulty increases about 5% every Two weeks, but may vary based on global hashrate. Click here to view historical difficulty increases.
  • Includes block prize premie (presently 10%), which wij reserve the right to switch.
  • Daily toverfee is for covering violet wand and maintenance costs.
  • Daily toverfee is subtracted from daily revenue.
  • Contract will end if daily toverfee exceeds revenue for 60 consecutive days.



Pool Hashrate (Global Hashrate %)

How do I get embarked?

To get began, please buy a cloud mining contract from us. You don’t need any special hardware to do cloud mining, wij will do the mining for you. If you have your own specialized mining hardware (such spil an Antminer S9 or Avalon 721), you can connect it to our pool with the address displayed ter the instrumentenbord.

Why do I earn more at Pool?

Wij pay 110% of the block prize, charge 0% fees, and have an enormously high share acceptance rate.

Why are you selling cloud mining contracts? Why not keep the profit for yourself?

Wij are selling cloud mining contracts to grow our hashrate. Wij will use the sales revenue to instantly purchase more mining hardware.

Telco Miner is fastest growing Bitcoin cloud mining company. Telco Miner is bring you fresh range of cloud mining services to you by the Telco Mining team of crypto mining experts. Our team has bot involved with crypto currencies since the inception of Bitcoin & has overheen Trio years of practice te mining crypto currencies. Wij are all strong believers te the future of digital currencies & wij love being part of this growing community!

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