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Information and prices for more then 700+ cryptocurrencys along with the best realtime bitcoin instruments

Understanding the bitcoin exchange market and all the alternative cryptocurrencys, and more significant where to buy/sell them or available faucet list from where you can get some free cryptocurrencys.

Bitcoin Prices (Voorstelling All?)

Realtime gegevens View Category

Block Eta

Estimated time until the next block (te seconds)

Average transaction number

Average number of transactions vanaf block

Average transaction size

Average transaction size for the past 1000 blocks

Average transaction value

Average transaction value for the past 1000 blocks

Block Count

Current block height te the longest chain

Block Interval

Average time inbetween blocks te seconds

Block Probability

Probability of finding a valid block each hash attempt

Block Prize

Current block prize te BTC

Hashes To Win

Average number of hash attempts needed to solve a block

Latest Hash

Hash of the latest block

Mining Difficulty

Current difficulty target spil a decimal number

Next Retarget

Block height of the next difficulty retarget

Total BTC

Total Bitcoins te circulation (delayed by up to 1 hour)

Hash implements View Category

Pubkey To Address

Converts a public key to an Address

Address To Hash

Converts a bitcoin address to a hash 160

Hash To Address

Converts a hash 160 to a bitcoin address

Pubkey To Hash

Converts a public key to a hash 160

Address To Pubkey

Converts an address to public key (if available)

Address lookups View Category

Address Balance

Get the balance of an address

Address Very first Seen

Timestamp of the block an address wasgoed very first confirmed ter.

Address Sent

Get the total number of bitcoins send by an address

Address Received

Get the total number of bitcoins received by an address.

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