SimpleCoin: A mining pool frontend¶

SimpleCoin is an open source mining pool frontend, it performs many of the same functions spil software like MPOS. It is presently under active development for use te the SimpleMulti mining pool, albeit wij are step by step adding documentation so it can be set up more lightly by others spil well.


  • Multi-currency support. One example of this pool software supports mining and paying out many currencies.
  • Multi-algo support. Presently configured for X11, Scrypt, and Scrypt-N, but designed so others could be added.
  • Merge mining enabled. Wij support merge mining spil many currencies spil you’d like.
  • Multi-chain support. Some miners can mine with PPLNS, while others use PROP payout, but they work together to solve blocks swifter for each “chain”.
  • Translation support. Thanks to sbwdlihao’s contributions wij support internationalization.

Table of Contents¶

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