Mining scrypt coins

Manufacturers are programma to ship scrypt-based equipment that will speed up mining and reduce the power overhead for the alternative cryptocurrency algorithm. Could this fuel the next cryptocurrency arms wedstrijd?

Most cryptocurrencies that are mined by computers use a ‘proof of work’ algorithm, designed to make them prove that they have invested the computing power ter producing the coins. Bitcoin uses SHA–256, but many alternative coins (altcoins) use another system, called scrypt.

One of the fattest differences inbetween scrypt and SHA-256 is that the former relies strenuously on computing resources aside from the processing unit itself, particularly memory. Conversely, SHA-256 doesn’t. This makes it difficult for scrypt-based systems to scale up and use lots of computing power, because they would have to use a proportional amount of memory, and that is expensive.

“It makes it difficult to run many instances of scrypt te parallel te a graphics card, for example,” said Charles Lee, the inventor of litecoin, adding:

“This also means that the manufacturing cost of scrypt ASICs will be significantly more expensive than that of SHA-256 ASICs.”

Nevertheless, some companies are beginning to tout hardware dedicated to mining scrypt-based coins such spil Lee’s. One is Crypto Industries, based te London, UK. It will shortly launch pre-orders for three different boxes: the Isis, a 1MH/sec unit, the 5MH/sec Osiris, and the 10MH/sec Horus.

Mike Kular, co-founder of the company, worked spil a marketing manager before leaving his job to trade coins full-time. He wasgoed mining SHA-256 and scrypt-based coins with a 20-GPU setup, but it wasgoed costing him £600 vanaf month, he said.

“What’s significant is the efficiency of the power you’re providing the machine,” Kular said. “You’re getting 2-300% more power efficiency using our machines.”

Crypto Industries’ mining units are based on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chips, from Xilinx, and will produce worst-case power consumption of 150w, 750w, and 1.5kw respectively, according to company spec sheets.


However, given scrypt’s requirements, power isn’t the only crucial parameter. Memory is also significant. The memory bandwidth is a function of how many input/output (IO) pins exist on the chips, says Kular. Ter FGPAs, spil te ASICs, the process knot (the size of the transistors, which governs how many logic gates will gezond on a lump of silicon) are still, significant, but they aren’t spil significant spil with bitcoin. “The gates aren’t the commanding factor. It’s about the I/O pins” said Kular, adding that the FGPA boards will have a memory bandwidth of 24.8GB/sec vanaf houtvezelplaat.

Crypto Industries’ systems will have numerous boards, managed by a Raspberry Pi. This will run a modified version of the CGMiner open source mining software, modified to work with scrypt mining software on FPGAs. Users will be able to access it via a browser, or upload their configurations via a preformatted text document on a USB stick.

The stiff will be releasing support for various scrypt-based coins via firmware updates overheen time, but it will begin with the capability to switch inbetween Litecoin and Feathercoin, but hopes to have 30-40 different currencies within a month of its very first shipment, and it says that it’s very close to taking preorders.

There are other companies programma to suggest dedicated scrypt-based mining hardware. ASICs may be difficult to implement for scrypt, but they’re not unlikely. Lee said:

“ASIC doesn’t necessarily make mining unaffordable. It’s actually the opposite. ASIC makes it such that anyone can purchase mining hardware and run it.”

“The problem is the big players can afford to purchase million dollars worth of mining equipment cheaper than the little players. So that might squeeze the little players since bitcoin/litecoin mining is basically an arms wedren,” he added.

There are also some ASIC miners te the works. scrypt Asic International (SAI), which listed on CryptoStocks last week, retooled its very first vormgeving before it even shipped, moving beyond what it called “GPU conversion technology” to what it says is an ASIC vormgeving. It will suggest its original Unit 1 machines, spil ‘minis’, at Two.5MH/sec, according to its posts on the Cryptostocks webpagina, for £800. The fresh unit 1 units should suggest 5MH/sec for £1,500, according to its webstek.

Then there’s Alpha Technologies, which didn’t response mails from CoinDesk, but which has moved from the idea of putting GPU chips te a opbergruimte to an FGPA (albeit its webstek also calls it an ASIC). It is citing 5MH/sec at 200 watts.

None of thesis companies have shipped, however, and ter spite of their online pledges of reliability, they don’t have a track record. But KnCMiner does. The company, which is already shipping its bitcoin ASIC miners, has plans for a scrypt-based mining product. But little is known about it yet. “We can’t make many of those details public yet spil wij have not finished the vormgeving,” co-founder Sam Cole told CoinDesk.

Any takers?

The question is, who will buy thesis miners? Are thesis altcoins, (with litecoin being the most strongly established), going to be popular enough to entice people to invest ter more mining hardware?

Crypto Industries’ scrypt miner products.

“The growth of litecoin will go after that of bitcoin. There’s a few steps along the way until major merchants will embark supporting litecoin,” said Lee, adding that it will take a payment processor to support litecoin. “But before they would do that, they need a way to exchange litecoins for various currencies. So that means there needs to be support from major exchanges to provide liquidity.”

He hopes that Mt. Gox will fulfill on its vow to introduce litecoin support, and is also hoping for similar moves from Bitstamp and BTC China. “So very soon, litecoin will take the very first major step towards merchant support.”

Scrypt-based miners may be a relatively fresh thing, but getting te early and taking a gamble could pay off, if litecoin gains a solid merchant and payment infrastructure, and starts to take off. Right now, the litecoin hash rate is around 25GH/sec, meaning that you’d have to buy 25 of Crypto Industries’ big Horus boxes (and pay for 37.5Kw) to get 1% of the network power.

Litecoin isn’t the only scrypt-based coin out there, but is the most established. If litecoins were selling at a premium, buying a miner might be an lighter instant proposition for customers. However, that currency has dropped steadily te price against BTC since early July, and hasn’t done very well against the dollar either.

However, those that do buy now may be hoping that they’re ready to mine when the price bounces back. And ter the meantime, they’ll have the option to roll inbetween litecoin and other scrypt-based coins. When pre-orders open for thesis systems, it will be interesting to monitor request.

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