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How Bitcoin Mining is Boosting South Africa’s Economy

Many are unaware of the benefits that Bitcoin mining has had on the economy ter South Africa, not to mention how quickly the act of mining Bitcoin has spread, mostly due to the masterminds behind – South Africa’s leading distributor and support group for Bitcoin mining and related hardware. It truly is the next generation’s fresh currency.

During an vraaggesprek with Mr. Jacques Serfontein, the CEO of Bitmart, he exposed astounding statistics about Bitcoin mining and the profitability it holds ter comparison with other means of generating income. He compared it to real estate, among other things, and explained the terugwedstrijd on investment advantages spil goes after:

“If you were to spend R1 000 000.00 on property with the intention of renting it out, you would receive an approximate monthly income of maybe R5000.00 vanaf month. Merely paying off the rente generated by loaning the initial amount would take years, not to mention the maintenance fees involved te upholding any property’s value. But if you were to spend just 10% of that initial investment on Bitcoin mining hardware, you can earn the same amount of monthly income ter Bitcoin and pay off the loan much sooner. This means that you will embark making a profit Ten times swifter than you would ter real estate, without the added expenses of maintaining your properties. Read the comparison here”

Mr. Serfontein became involved with this cryptocurrency during 2015 and has since discovered the immense income potential that lies therein. Bitcoin mining, arbitration, and trading have so many advantages and with the growing rente among South Africans, Bitmart quickly became the leading distributor of Bitcoin mining hardware te this country.

More and more South Africans are becoming a part of the Bitcoin Mining industry through Bitmart, spil it produces a fully functional informative portal for South Africans where they can log-on to monitor their miners’ vertoning. They are presently also integrating F2Pool and BTCC Pool into their API, spil Antpool has already bot fully integrated.

The main reason why Bitmart has become so successful is due to the growing number of investors who contacted Mr. Serfontein for advice, assistance and support regarding everything Bitcoin. There were instances where individuals attempted to sell faulty second-hand miners and to prevent the Bitcoin brand from being tarnished, Bitmart commenced suggesting a service where they act spil a middle man te the transaction and test thesis second-hand miners before paying the client’s money overheen to the seller to ensure fair fair trade of 2nd arm mining equipment. It proved to be very lucrative, spil many newcomers te the Bitcoin community voorstelling rente te kicking off their Bitcoin mining practices off with thesis more affordable miners.

Bitmart has faithful a lotsbestemming of time and effort into developing its portal, which acts spil a dashboard-type control slagroom where you can lightly monitor your miners, trade Bitcoin and keep your finger on the Bitcoin pulse, all from the same interface. Fresh features are also being developed, spil and when the Bitcoin advancements emerge.

Mr. Serfontein has enabled his other companies, namely and, to accept Bitcoin along with the existing currencies to reduce transaction fees and afford international financial plasticity to all his branches. Joining the Antpool has transformed the way ter which thesis branches are able to provide services and accept payments.

Anyone who joins the Bitcoin community can effectively cut out the middleman, directly transferring Bitcoin from one person to another, te almost every currency. There are no transfer costs and because it is unsanctioned, no outer party can freeze your account or affect it te any way – you are the foot propitiator of your own Bitcoin mining entity that is assured to produce an income.

Bitcoin are accepted spil a valid means of payment te uncountable establishments across the globe. It permits people to become independent from their respective country’s financial limitations. Imagine investing te your own company without having a shadow of a doubt that it will succeed. The more Bitcoin miners you have, the lighter it is to decrypt the mathematical equations and the higher your income.

Carte Blanche recently aired an in-depth explanation of this revolutionary advancement that is the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. They spoke to the CEO of BitGo Inc, Will O’Brein, who also contested that “Bitcoin is the next evolution of financial services.” Everzwijn since its inception te 2009, there have bot controversy and even conspiracies about Bitcoin, but Carte Blanche waterput everything te perspective for the prospective Bitcoin mining economy across the globe.

They explained how Bitcoins are created, with the growing need to encrypt/decrypt or hash spil its called algorithms ter today’s technologically driven world of crypto currencies to prevent fraud and provide stability and security, miners that use Application Specific Integrated Circuit chips were developed to speed up the process by computerising the formulas. Every time a miner solves one of thesis mathematical problems, it is rewarded, if you like, with a certain amount of Bitcoins. Yes, it is true that there is only a set amount of 21 Million Bitcoin available to mine after which the algorithm will switch overheen to a transaction toverfee billing bases to keep rewarding the miners for verifying transactions, but it wasgoed cautiously calculated by Sitoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin that the last bitcoins will only be mined ter the year 2140

Most asked question about Bitcoin (Spil Seen on Carte Blance):

How can I earn Bitcoin?

Once you have downloaded an application to install a digital wallet, either on your PC, iPad, Tablet or even smartphone, you can set up your account and embark receiving Bitcoin: either spil a means of payment for products you’ve sold or services you‘ve delivered, by exchanging something for Bitcoin, literally buying Bitcoin from any Bitcoin Exchange or purchasing the hardware and mining Bitcoin.

How do I pay with my Bitcoin?

It works almost like normal internet banking would. You simply access your account or digital wallet, come in the receiver’s Bitcoin account number, type the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to transfer and send.

Are transaction fees applied?

When the amount of Bitcoin that you’d like to transfer exceeds a certain amount, 1% thereof will be used for transaction fees. The precies amount, if anything, will be reviewable before any transactions take place.

But is it secure?

Yes, extremely… The Bitcoin system is flawless. Only human error can result ter loss.

Where can I buy mining Hardware?

Online at of by contacting Bitmart on +27 82 556 3705 or emailing them on

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