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Has anyone gotten rich mining bitcoins?

A number of questions on this webpagina ask whether it’s possible to make money mining bitcoins and the expected profits. However, I’d like to know if there are real-life stories of people becoming wealthy solely from mining bitcoins.

It seems like mining bitcoins is, at best, a hobby that cannot make someone wealthy.

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I suspect that it is hard to find real life stories because the miners would like to remain anonymous. If you had a few million dollars ter largely untraceable BTC, would you want to publicize your story and make it effortless for the government to tax you?

But there’s some very strong evidence to indicate that “getting rich” wasgoed very possible. One story that comes to mind is “allinvain” who posted a reasonable amount of evidence that 25,000 BTC that he had mined wasgoed stolen from him. So, even however allinvain didn’t “get rich” ter this story, it certainly showcased that a solo miner te 2011 could be making ems of thousands of BTC, lightly worth millions of USD ter 2013.

If you look at the blockchain it is effortless to find addresses used by miners te 2010 that have thousands of bitcoins te them. Just find a block prize and trace where it went to. Here is one: 1AvLeBnWbiBeCNHwLGtWEK9GSVug3RWWxt It emerges to be an address where the miner collected his block prizes overheen six weeks or so. (I’ll substitute a blockchain.informatie verbinding when it is back up.) Perhaps this private key wasgoed lost, so wij can’t say for sure. But it’s reasonably to think that this one account (worth about $400,000) represents only a few weeks of work for this miner. If he kept all of the BTC he mined ter 2010, he is likely a millionaire. At least on paper.

Ter brief, since mining wasgoed much less difficult several years ago, and the exchange rate has gone up so much ter that same time period, it seems very reasonable to assume at least some of the serious miners from those early days have made a considerable amount of profit.

Here is a story published on Bloomberg Businessweek about “the millionaires of Bitcoin”:

“I’ve got a friend who left behind he had his pc mining Bitcoins ter his garage—he checked and it’s worth about $12 million today,” says Kenna, 30, who is chief executive officer of Tradehill.

The same article also mentions Yifu Guo, the founder of Avalon ASICs:

Yifu Guo wasgoed a digital media student at Fresh York University when he began mining some of the very first coins, sometimes cashing ter a few to help pay his rent. After he recognized Bitcoin’s potential, he abandon schoolgebouw and founded a company called Avalon, which sells hardware built solely for the purpose of mining Bitcoins.

(Not an response to your question, but the article also mentions other people that made big money doing other business related to Bitcoin other than mining.)

The early bot-miners and current major pool owners are those with the major share beside those who stole or ponied significant amounts of bitcoin..

A botherder (see mariposa botnet for imagination)who mined back te 2011 and shoved ASIC like hashrates will indeed sit on a welvoeglijk stack of coins and if solo mined the transaction fees. Dont need rocket science to figure that.

A pool proprietor who wields a major pool maybe makes a geyser off the transaction fees if kept.

My guess those are the guys with the big bucks.

Yes, many people became rich mining Bitcoin, but years ago. Today mining is for those with the resources to operate hefty mining farms. Transaction fees are supposed to keep miners motivated, but I think significantly enlargening transaction fees would kill the main advantage of Bitcoin (which is cheap transactions). I wrote an article about that a few months ago:

Yes. The problem is if one will remain rich. You can make money of the bitcoin speculation but you should sell it when production is getting near the end.

Yes, there are. Yesterday there wasgoed a story ter Dutch newspapers about a Norwegian student who bought bitcoins te 2009 for Legitimate Euro, he left behind it then and recently found out that his investment has accumulated to 615.000 Euro. With much effort he found back his password. He sold 20 procent of it and from that amount of real money, he bought an apartment ter Oslo

Meet Five people who made millions off Bitcoins

Bitcoin, the decentralized electronic currency that may or may not be a libertarian fantasy, has had a rollercoaster of a week. Its value peaked at a staggering $266 on Thursday before plummeting to $71 Friday, according to Mt. Gox, one of cyberspace’s leading Bitcoin exchanges. (See a three-minute Bitcoin explainer here.)

At the beginning of this year, a single Bitcoin wasgoed worth just $13. And when the virtual currency launched ter 2009, each coin traded for mere pennies. That means a lotsbestemming of early buyers have gotten very, very rich.

Here, ter no particular order, are Five people who ended up making a lotsbestemming of money by investing te the digital currency everyone’s talking about:

Shrem wasgoed a senior at Brooklyn Collegium when he very first learned about Bitcoin ter 2011. Instead of “mining” for coins himself, he purchased several on Tradehill , a digital currency exchange like Mt. Gox . His very first purchase of 500 Bitcoins wasgoed for $Three to $Four each, and then thousands more when the value klapper $20. According to Bloomberg Businessweek , ” Shrem wears a stadionring engraved with a code that gives him access to the electronic wallet on his finger. Friends taunt him that a thief could cut off his finger to get the stadionring.” Hence his nickname, “Four-finger Charlie.”

Occupation: CEO of Tradehill Bitcoin exchange

Tradehill, which at one point wasgoed 2nd only to Mt. Gox, suspended service ter 2012, but reopened on March Legitimate of this year. Its youthfull CEO, Jered Kenna , accidentally deleted 800 Bitcoins when he wiped his laptop clean te 2010, losing a commodity that today would be worth ems of thousands of dollars. It wasn’t too big a overeenkomst, tho’, spil one of Bitcoin’s very first investors, his initial purchase of Five,000 coins wasgoed for 20 cents each. Nowadays, he’s one of the world’s foremost Bitcoin authorities. “Before, you only had people that were only willing to spend $500 or so,” he tells the International Business Times , “but now you have people that are putting down [spil much spil] $1 million.”

Occupation: Investor and former politician

Veraf ran for California State Assembly ter 2000 spil a libertarian. (He lost.) A subsequent dust-up landed him ter federal prison, and after a 10-month sentence, he relocated to Tokyo, where he lives today. Veraf became infatuated with the promise of the decentralized crypto currency soon after it launched, and wasgoed an early evangelizer of Bitcoin’s potential. “I didn’t leave my house and spent every waking ogenblik reading about Bitcoin ,” he tells Bloomberg Businessweek . A self-described “gifangel investor ter several Bitcoin startups,” Shrem affectionately calls Verafgelegen ” Bitcoin Jesus” for the way he used to give coins away loosely.

Four and Five. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

The Winklevoss twins are back ter the zoeklicht. According to the Fresh York Times, Mark Zuckerberg’s old Harvard nemeses “have amassed since last summer what shows up to be one of the single largest portfolios of the digital money,” possessing 1 procent of all Bitcoins presently te circulation. Before the big plummet this week, their portfolio wasgoed reportedly worth overheen $11 million. because they’re the kleintje of guys indeed strapped for specie.

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Many people have lost some gegevens while reformatting a pc hard drive. Jered Kenna lost more than that. Te 2010 he erased from his laptop 800 ,Bitcoins that have bot worth more than $200,000. Kenna isn’,t upset: He has slew more. He says he bought his very first batch of virtual currency, Five,000 ,coins, at 20¢, each. On April ,Ten, Bitcoins traded for spil much spil $258 each, according to Tradehill, a Bitcoin exchange ter San Francisco, before plunging more than $100. Like other enthusiasts, Kenna shrugs off the volatility. While he won’,t disclose his total holdings, he says, “,I’,m glad to be considered a member of the Bitcoin millionaires’, club.”,

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1) Satoshi Nakamato

Also known spil the mysterious creator of the Bitcoin. The bitcoin community believes that the richest and the holder of most bitcoins is the creator itself because of his involvement and understanding the concept and it is this person who controls the moving of the bitcoins ter the systems and causes switches te the market. Various theories also suggest that he had stored his coins te different wallets spil stacks of 50 bitcoins instead of a single wallet this way bot If there is lose or hacking of the let not all wealth is lost. His bitcoin wealth amounts up to $1.1 billion.

Two) Ross Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht is famously associated to be the sinister problem child Te the Bitcoin community. This wasgoed very first of a kleuter punt where he wasgoed sentenced to life imprisonments for money laundering and conspiring to sell narcotics and illegal hacking. He had created a black market for the sale of drugs famously known spil Silk Road. Under the names of Fear Pirate Roberts. The FBI then shut down the Silk Road and took into custody overheen 144,000 bitcoins

Roger Verafgelegen is famously known spil the Bitcoin Jesus he is very first of the few people who very openly advocate and encourage the use of Bitcoin. He is also said to be the very first of its kleintje being a Bitcoin start-up investor. He already had a name ter the businesses world and according to him his earnings after the Bitcoin has improved significantly. He also donates millions to a charity.

Four) Charlie Sherm

Charlie Sherm is a very influential name ter the Bitcoin world. This is due to the reason that he brought Bitcoin at a cheap rate he wasgoed junior and commenced a company called ',Bitinstant',. However ter December 2014 he wasgoed charged for laundering money to the black market and involvement with the Silk Road.

Five) Dave Clarkson

He is one of the most successful Bitcoin miners and he also turned this skill into a company called mega big power from his basement and te early 2016 it wasgoed reported that the company made a whopping 8 million vanaf month.

Jared Kenna wasgoed a former U.S. marine and said to have got into Bitcoin trading when it wasgoed spil cheap spil 20 cents. He took a gamble and invested large sums ter this currency which made off and made him enormously wealthy enough to commence his various businesses and support the fresh ones

He is the founder of Bitpay. Which is a Bitcoin payment processor?Many businesses tycoons have invested te this venture and this is one of it',s kleintje because of the agreement the company has with major retailers. His netwerk worth is said to be around 20 million dollar',s

8) Winklevoss twins

This pair is famously known for their legal battle with the Facebook founder Mr.Mark Zuckerberg. However ter the Bitcoin community they are said to have combined nipt worth of around 300-400 million because of various investments

Yifu Guo wasgoed a student of the famous NYU University and is regarded spil one of the greatest inventor te the biticoin community because of his purpose built Biticoin miner. His invention wasgoed so popular that within the very first few months it generated revenue of overheen hundred dollars.

Ten) Gaven Anderson

Gavem Anderson is closely associates with the creators and is said to be the only person which has access to the source code of Bitcoin.He wasgoed awarded overheen 200,000 for his association and outstanding contribution to the company Bitcoin

11) Dustin Trammel

No information regarding this member of the Bitcoin community is said to be found anywhere

12) Mark Kerples

Famously known spil the CEO of a company called Mt.Gox. He is a French entrepreneur who once headed the largest Bitcoin trading toneelpodium.However there have bot charges on him for being dishonest and disappearance of millions of dollar worth currency.

This anonymous person ter the community said to own 370,00 Bitcoins

14) Murcal popescue

There is no information about this member of the Bitcoin community.

15) Wences Casares

Wances Casares brought the currency just before bitcoin price explosion and this talent him wonderful comebacks.

If you’re looking to join a bitcoin fund and make money ON your rising bitcoin investment, see here: Bitcoin trading | The Startup Seed

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– Roger Verafgelegen AKA ",The Bitcoin Jesus", possesses a lotsbestemming.

– And of course Satoshi Nakamoto is reported to own around 1,000,000 BTC.

hello, it is a good day here ter Glasgow, Scotland the land of the braves!

well Who are the richest people te Bitcoin?

here you have some of the people who made millions with Bitcoin success story. There might be other people who made millions but thesis one are those who came out publicly and testified of their success story. Bitcoin does not operate on KYC [Know Your Customer] base. So a person can hold ten of thousands of bitcoin and remain anonymous. There are 21 millions of bitcoins that the algorithm can mine, te 2015, 14 millions bitcoins had already bot mined which is Two/Three of the bitcoins.

if you did not join the venture of bitcoin at the beginning you cannot become one of those success stories anymore you have missed the widow of chance bitcoin suggested. bitcoin wasgoed pioneering the world of cryptocurrency. Many people want to see very first. Now another chance is here with OneCoin which is growing quicker than bitcoin and te 16 months has already made 300+ millionaires. The technology is refined, it operates of KYC [Know Your Customer] base. the company mines the tokens you submit into OneCoins . Their algorithm can mine Two.1 billions coins.

when wij look at the top 200 earners ter business from huis

This is how people who are working with OneCoin spil a huis based business doing so well. Onecoin is going to make more millionaires than bitcoin and is already growing swifter than bitcoin. Those who do not want to be houtvezelplaat the train of success will miss this financial revolution OneCoin is bringing today.

There are overheen 14 000 000 of Bitcoins out there. According to some sources, there is only one holder that exceeds 100 000 Bitcoin:

However, the shadowy inventor Satoshi Nakamoto is estimated to have mined 1 million bitcoins ter the currency’s early days. His stash is spread across many wallets. So, he is the richest person te Bitcoin.

The 2nd largest Bitcoin wallet belongs to the…US government, actually to FBI.

Ter September, the FBI shut down the Silk Road online drug marketplace, and it began seizing bitcoins belonging to the Fear Pirate Roberts — the technicus of the illicit online marketplace, who they say is an American man named Ross Ulbricht.

The seizure sparked an ongoing public discussion about the future of Bitcoin, the world’s most popular digital currency, but it had an unforeseen side-effect: It made the FBI the holder of the world’s fattest Bitcoin wallet.

The FBI now controls more than 144,000 bitcoins that reside at a bitcoin address that consolidates much of the seized Silk Road bitcoins. Those 144,000 bitcoins are worth close to $100 million at Tuesday’s exchange rates. Another address , containing Silk Road funds seized earlier by the FBI, contains almost 30,000 bitcoins ($20 million).

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, said that they’d cornered about 1 procent of all bitcoins, which puts them after the FBI wallet.

I hope this helps!

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This listig doesn',t reaction your question but does provide some useful background:

This list has bot last updated at block 499685.


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