Sleepy – Elastic – fox and three actual ideas from altcoin pool!

I do not envy those who joined ICOs a month ago. This is some real anguish. Many assets’ price is down by 30-40-50%. Now the market shows a clear trend: “Wait for the ICO to finish and buy twice cheaper.”

Many market participants were attracted by a assured profit on the expectations of Bitcoin Gold’s hardfork, which became one of the reasons for the rally. And while bitcoin continued its triumphal march, altcoins plunged into an abyss of total horror.

The asset volume began its movement and redistribution.

Ter just three months, the dominance index rose from 37% to 61%. Bitcoin absorbed a gigantic part of the market.

Under the 2nd script, wij have a good potential for a number of assets. It can even be assumed that the ICO authors themselves are now buying them at the lowest price.

So, I suggest you a few ideas that can bring a good profit!

Trading idea: Purchase Elastic from 0.25, the amount of the overeenkomst – 8-10% of the portfolio, the zekering signal is 30% of the purchase level ter the 0.175 area. The target is te the range of 0.65, which is approximately 150% from current values. Investment horizon is Two months.

Two. Lunyr (LUN) – a decentralized skill base on the Ethereum blockchain.

The technical overview suggests cautious purchases from the level of Two.5-3 $. There are at least three reasons why this can work.

Three. Trio. Kick Coin (Kick)-ICO verhoging.

This token from the third division has bot attracting my attention for a long time, and now it’s time for careful purchases. After the asset has descended to 0.025, it wasgoed returned to the level of 0.0320 and if it is strong enough, then the movement to the area 0.0450, 0.0520 can develop.

Thank you for your attention, with you wasgoed the crypto-futurist Vadique Magenta.

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