What is the Difference Inbetween Litecoin and Bitcoin?

Last updated 2nd April 2014.

Ter 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto launched bitcoin spil the world’s very first cryptocurrency. The code is open source, which means it can be modified by anyone and loosely used for other projects. Many cryptocurrencies have launched with modified versions of this code, with varying levels of success.

Litecoin wasgoed announced te 2011 with the aim of being the ‘silver’ to bitcoin’s ‘gold’. At the time of writing, Litecoin has the highest market cap of any mined cryptocurrency, after bitcoin.

Here’s our guide to showcase you the crucial difference inbetween bitcoin and litecoin.

At-a-glance differences

Mining differences

Just like bitcoin, litecoin is a crytocurrency that is generated by mining. Litecoin wasgoed created ter October 2011 by former Google engineer Charles Lee. The motivation behind its creation wasgoed to improve upon bitcoin. The key difference for end-users being the Two.Five minute time to generate a block, spil opposed to bitcoin’s Ten minutes. Charles Lee now works for Coinbase, one of the most popular online bitcoin wallets.

For miners and enthusiasts tho’, litecoin holds a much more significant difference to bitcoin, and that is its different proof of work algorithm. Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm, which involves calculations that can be greatly accelerated te parallel processing. It is this characteristic that has given rise to the intense wedloop ter ASIC technology, and has caused an exponential increase ter bitcoin’s difficulty level.

Litecoin, however, uses the scrypt algorithm – originally named spil s-crypt, but pronounced spil ‘script’. This algorithm incorporates the SHA-256 algorithm, but its calculations are much more serialised than those of SHA-256 te bitcoin. Scrypt favours large amounts of high-speed RAM, rather than raw processing power alone. Spil a result, scrypt is known spil a ‘memory hard problem’.

The consequences of using scrypt mean that there has not bot spil much of an ‘arms wedstrijd’ ter litecoin (and other scrypt currencies), because there is (so far) no ASIC technology available for this algorithm. However, this is soon to switch, thanks to companies like Alpha Technologies, which is now taking preorders.

To highlight the difference te hashing power, at the time of writing, the total hashing rate of the bitcoin network is overheen 20,000 Terra Hashes vanaf 2nd, while litecoin is just 95,642 Mega Hashes vanaf 2nd.

For the time being, ‘state of the kunst’ litecoin mining equipments come te the form of custom-built PCs fitted with numerous graphics cards (ie: GPUs). Thesis devices can treat the calculations needed for scrypt and have access to blisteringly prompt memory built into their own circuit boards.

There wasgoed a time when people could use GPU mining for bitcoin, but ASICs have made this method not worth the effort.

Transaction differences

The main difference is that litecoin can confirm transactions voorwaarde swifter than bitcoin. The implications of that are spil goes after:

  • Litecoin can treat a higher volume of transactions thanks to its quicker block generation. If bitcoin were to attempt to match this, it would require significant updates to the code that everyone on the bitcoin network is presently running.
  • The disadvantage of this higher volume of blocks is that the litecoin blockchain will be proportionately larger than bitcoin’s, with more orphaned blocks.
  • The quicker block time of litecoin reduces the risk of dual spending attacks – this is theoretical ter the case of both networks having the same hashing power.
  • A merchant who waited for a ondergrens of two confirmations would only need to wait five minutes, whereas they would have to wait Ten minutes for just one confirmation with bitcoin.

Transaction speed (or swifter block time) and confirmation speed are often touted spil tranche points by many involved ter bitcoin, spil most merchants would permit zero-confirmation transactions for most purchases. It is necessary to bear te mind that a transaction is instant, it is just confirmed by the network spil it propagates.

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LiteVault.netwerk – the trustless online wallet for LTC

Loaf Wallet – an iOS wallet released by the Litecoin Association

Netki – suggesting a single name for all your LTC, BTC, & DOGE wallet addresses

OpenDime – a physical wallet now for Litecoin

QuickWallet.com – a prompt, safe wallet with one address for both LTC & BTC

WalletGenerator.televisiekanaal – Universal Open Source Client-Side Wallet Generator

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