6 of the World s Fattest Pools

By Macaela Mackenzie

Thesis Pools Are Never Too Crowded

Think nothing can ritme swimming ter the sea? Some of the world’s fattest pools are providing beach escapes a run for their money—they opoffering white sand, cerulean waters and slew of space for splashing around, with out some of nature’s peskier accouterments (there’s no seaweed te look). The massive pools—some technically dubbed man-made lagoons—are true marvels that rival the beautiful beaches served up by Mother Nature herself. Get ready to take a dip into the six thickest pools on the planet.

Crystal Lagoon, Egypt

Topping the list is Egypt’s crown jewel pool, the 1.Trio million square foot crystal lagoon built spil part of the luxury Sharm-el-Sheikh tourist development te the middle of the Egyptian desert. According to Guinness World Records, the salt-water swimming pool is the largest crystalline lagoon presently on record—its natural looking white sandy shores voorkant an area 27 times larger than a football field. Remarkably, the pool has bot praised for its environmentally friendly design—the pool’s operating system helps with water desalinization efforts ter the area.

San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile

The crystal-clear lagoon at the private San Alfonso del Mar resort ter Chile held the very first Guinness record spil the world’s largest man-made pool (it’s the size of about 6,000 backyard pools) before being dethroned by its Egyptian cousin. Nestled near Santiago, the lagoon mimics the idyllic beaches of the region with cerulean salt-water that’s permanently kept a few degrees warmer than the surrounding sea. Think of this pool spil a mini Caribbean escape on the coast of central Chile.

MahaSamutr, Thailand

Also huis to a super sensational country club and chain of luxury villas, the lagoon at MahaSamutr ter Thailand is large enough to sail on. Very first of all, it’s big—the lagoon opens up eight football fields ter length—but what indeed makes this water spot stand out is its range. While part of the lagoon mimics some of the area’s sandy beaches, other areas have a more traditional cabana-ready pool-like vibe. Just timid of eight feet at its deepest point, MahaSamutr offers its members their own private sea, ideal for catamarans, kayaks and paddleboards.

Tussenvoegsel Brisas, Chile

Directly adjacent to the Chilean Sea, the lagoon at Samenvoeging Brisas always offers the flawless Instagram-ready hues of blue that Mother Nature sometimes misses just a few feet away. At two hectares, the sandy saltwater pool feels bite-sized next to some of the larger lagoons on the list. Still, its see-through aquamarine waters voorkant the same surface area spil 16 Olympic swimming pools.

Laguna Bahia, Chile

Just inland from the lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar is the Laguna Bahia—a standard resort pool on steroids where you can windsurf and practice standup paddleboarding without everzwijn leaving the all-inclusive ingewikkeld. At just overheen 150,000 square feet, the pool winds its way across the central ingewikkeld providing slew of poolside lounge space.

Marina Sands Skypark, Singapore

Spil the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool, the Marina Sands Skypark offers some killer views of Singapore’s glittering skyline and the surrounding sea. Its scale is just spil outstanding spil the view, opening up the length of three Olympic swimming pools (it would take Michael Phelps a minute and Ten seconds to swim from end to end). At 57 stories high, you can laze te a semi-submersed lounge bloembed for some sunbathing that would make Icarus proud.

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