Hashrate (Difficulty) Increase Rate – Mining Profits


Three) Price of Power

Four) Price of Cards.

quick forward to Two months. You can pretty much cut my ROI te half. The way I see it is I dont care how long it takes to mine with a equipment to get 1 ETH but how long is it gonna take mij to get my ROI on my equipment because of the price increases of ETH

Excellent thread from just a month ago. It bet the increase ter difficulty and decrease te profitability is even worse than many of us expected. It’s one thing to have the potential for ETH to go from $Ten to $100. At this current level, the law of large numbers indeed thresholds the upside ter ETH. Can it go from $220 to $500 or even $1,000? Maybe, overheen time. The difficulty is enhancing at a swifter clip however.

I agree that they need to make a switch, the real world applicability of Eth is greatly diminished when the network can’t even treat an ICO. The ICO’s that shut down the network usually involve less transactions than a

group of Starbucks or McDonalds sells to te a day. Because of this I think you have outlines the few possible solutions.

If a $3200 equipment had a 5-6 month payback period you were making an amazingly poor equipment. Just so you know ROI is a %, it is a terugwedstrijd on investment, you are talking about the payback period.

But 1 month to get 1 Eth @ $2xx USD to Ten months to get 1 Eth @ $2xxx USD isn’t that the same? (assuming the 10x increase also covers the power costs) ?

I don’t think it would be $0. It can be

50% from retail price. Mining cards would be only good for mining whereas thesis cards are gaming cards and will be good for gaming.

Not true. The processor is entry level which but the boards being used are midrange to high end since. (mining specific boards are debatable tho) RAM/SSD prices have actually gone up 1.5-2x times overheen last year. A 16gb DDR4 kolenkit that I got for $55 last year sells for $120 now.

But wouldn’t PoS will increase the price of ETH substantially?

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