How To Mine Boolberry (BBR) With AMD – Nvidia GPU

Boolberry is a cryptocurrency based on Cryptonote technology!

Ter this postbode i am going to display you how to pool mine Boolberyy (BBR) / (XBB) with AMD or nVidia GPUs. I am using Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 4GB OC (modded bios)

Here is my equipment hardware configuration that can be used to create a Boolberry mining equipment!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 23, 2017 for 1x Sapphire Nitro+ OC RX 470 4GB (Samsung Memory) : stock 22.xx Mh/s, modded bios 24.5xx Mh/s, overclocked and downvolted 70w-80w 29.xx Mh/s. 6x equipment 175 Mh/s

Boolberry (BBR): 1,450 Kh/s vanaf card, 6x GPUs 8,700 Kh/s

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  • Presently suprnova cannot send payments to exchange webstek, you will have to install Boolberry GUI wallet from here
  • You can also create a wallet key to, but it can be added straks on suprnova!
  • Create an account with if you don’t have one
  • When logged te go to “My account – >, My workers” and create a worker
  • Go to “Edit Account” and add your wallet key
  • Download the miner from here:
  • Samenvatting the archive ter a separated folder
  • Download scratchpad.bin from here and place it te the folder where you extracted the miner
  • Create a fresh text document and paste the following: minerd -a wildkeccak_ocl -o stratum+tcp:// -u suprnova_username.worker_name -p worker_password -l scratchpad.bin -k, reminisce to add your suprnova username, worker and password
  • Save the opstopping spil .bat opstopping and give it a name like startminer.bat
  • That’s it, embark the miner, wait a few moments and it should commence mining!

I wasgoed able to hash with 1,450 kh/s vanaf card but i think i can get much more than that. So with a equipment of 6x Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 4GB OC i will get around 8,700 kh/s.

download ready made .bat opstopping, share to unlock!

Thank you for reading. Spil always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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This thread has the current information for Boolberry GPU miners.

AMD on Linux – OpenCL stratum pool miner is fastest.

Nvidia on Win – OpenCL stratum pool miner is fastest

Nvidia on Linux – CUDA is fastest.

To mine on all available GPUs:

OpenCL specific options:

To mine on 2nd GPU only and to set higher force:

To mine on CPU (algorithm from original fork):

The solo version is named boolbd.exe. General use:

280x – 970kh/s (@1100/1500)

270x – 670kh/s (@1100/1500)

7870 – 550kh/s (@1100/1350)

Check the Readme on GitHub for most up-to-date informatie.

The -l (also –launch-config) is ter the format (number of thread blocks)x(number of threads). This requires tweaking for each card.

750Ti – 775kh/s (l set to 60×256)

If you have Windows but still want to run the CUDA miner, sonoIO waterput together a how-to for running linux from a flash drive.




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A movie guide displaying how to get began mining Boolberry using your AMD or Nvidia graphics card. I’ve also included sample batch files so you can mine using you CPU too.

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I am entirely fresh to mining, I have a hp pavillion laptop with an Intel® Core™ i7-7500U processor. I am attempting to read up spil much spil possible about the processor of mining, but I have a loterijlot to learn. I need to start somewhere and I wasgoed wondering if you have any advice on where to begin regarding coin to mine, software to use and very first wallet to use?

Its most likely easiest to begin with minergate / nicehash miner and then withdraw funds from there.

Thank you for your good movies.

How can I send you email for give mij some tips and advice about mining?

Is there a email address for us to voeling you?

is mine worth doing it at huis or better to rent online?

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